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A Step Above Flooring was founded in 2021 by Nathaniel(Nate) Hyden and Joseph (Chris) Merriman. Nathan is a second generation installer who has been in the flooring industry for over 15 years. Nate was trained by his father Bill Hyden who has over 40 years experience. As a young man Nathan would go to work with his father and learn all about flooring. He grew to love the experience of changing peoples home completely and really put his all into the flooring industry. After working and learning from his dad and many other local installers Nathan eventually started a small installation business as Hyden’s Hardwood LLC. In 2012. In 2015 he hired Chris Merriman as an apprentice and began to train Chris himself. Like Nathan, Chris loved the feeling of seeing the transformation of homes and making people happy with his work. Under the advice of Nathan and hard work Chris learned the industry and eventually started his own small business at Merriman Flooring LLC himself. The two were good separately but knew they could be GREAT together! So after some long talks and great determination they decided to end Hyden’s Hardwood and Merriman Flooring. The two came together as partners to form A Step Above Flooring LLC. In 2021.

Chris and Nathan are now both Certified Flooring Installers by the CFI and as it turns out they were actually right about being better together because at A Step Above Flooring they are GREAT. As childhood friends and now business partners they both thrive to push one another and be the best they possibly can. Lucky for the clients this means they do the best work possible! Now with themselves and their TEAM they are doing what they love and transforming homes and putting smiles on their clients faces! Give us a call and you can be the next happy client with a beautiful floor installation in your home and most importantly a Smile on your face at the end!


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