Hardwood Flooring Installation

We believe that having a stylish hardwood floor begins with choosing the best materials and ends with the proper installation. Here, at A Step Above Flooring, we don’t compromise both aspects, so you can expect the service you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re moving houses, remodeling, or flipping a property, hardwood flooring is a smart choice to invest in for your Lexington, KY home. 

Since hardwood isn’t a cheap choice, you don’t want to throw your money down the drain by shelling out hundreds of dollars on low-quality wood or getting your floor warping or buckling due to improper installation. 

We know what our customers want, and we deliver it! Let us give you an idea of how we do our job so that you can understand the A Step Above Flooring difference. 

Top-Notch Materials

The process of building first-class hardwood floors begins with the materials. As a company specializing in floor installation, we know how important that is, so we use the highest quality materials. 

Not only do we provide our customers with all sorts of patterns and all sorts of top-notch wood to choose from, but we also help them choose the materials that suit the geographical conditions and temperature in Lexington, KY. 

We offer a variety of durable, natural, and classy solid woods that go with any decor, be it modern, traditional, commercial, you name it. In addition, we offer custom-made designs for customers with specific design requirements.

Years of Experience

At A Step Above Flooring, we pride ourselves on having over two decades of experience in the business. Our crew consists of master installers and talented artisans who can deal with any job that gets thrown at them.

Efficiency and Affordability

We price our service based on your floor’s size, not the hours spent on the job. That means you can sit back and relax, confident that we’ll get the job done as fast as possible, with maximum efficiency and minimum costs. 

Our team is familiar with all the issues that can arise after installation, so we carry out our work in a highly organized and systematic fashion. 

We know hardwood can buckle and cup if not installed properly, so we measure the moisture content, check the sub-floor panel spacing, and reinforce the floor with enough staples. 

We also know how the weather can be in Lexington, KY, so we double-check that your hardwood floor will be able to stand up to the elements for as long as you’ll have it.

In other words, not only will you be saving money on our fast and prompt service, but also you can forget about the further expenses of getting your floor fixed after installation. 

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