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Removing old floor tiles can be a laborious and challenging process with its set of challenges that often remain concealed until the project has already begun. At this point, it's too late to go back and prevent these problems.

Using plastic sheets to protect surrounding rooms from the flying debris is, unfortunately, an ineffective method, as dust can linger on for months after the tile removal process is complete.

Besides, crystalline silica particles are found in the fine dust that spreads from the traditional tile removal method. Exposure to these particles was found to potentially cause lung cancer as well as increase the risk of numerous other lung problems.

Here at A Step Above Flooring, we offer dustless tile removal, where the dust that could potentially spread when removing your tiles is caught before it becomes airborne. Curious about our process? It’s all listed below!

Our Process

Before we begin any work, our team of experts will evaluate the conditions of the tile. Depending on the construction, your tile could be attached to a mason board or bare cement. This step is crucial as the process of dustless tile removal differs based on what lies beneath it.

Then, we’ll use our specialized tools and equipment to chip and grind away at the tile, while vacuum systems and attachments work at capturing harmful particles before they could spread to your furniture and around the house.

The result is a dust-free process that provides an environment so clean that you wouldn’t need to leave your house while work is underway. There’ll also be no need for intensive cleaning post-removal as our dust-control vacuum collects all dust.

Why Us?

We’ll Assess Your Needs

We know that each house's conditions are different, and we have a team dedicated to spending quality time with each customer to answer all of their questions and concerns. We'll make sure to lay everything out on the table and best adhere to your needs.

We won't leave any concerns unaddressed, and we work with you to find a plan customized to your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With over 20 years of Kentucky hardwood flooring experience, our team of professionals has the skills needed to provide you with a smooth, hassle-free process that’ll leave you 100% satisfied.

No Hidden Costs

A dustless tile removal experience means no need for additional costs spent on cleaning or reparation. You’ll get to stay home and go on with your daily activities and leave all the work to us.

Professional Service

Rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We know the business’ ins and outs and have extensive knowledge and the best tools needed to get the job done. We use a dust-control vacuum to catch dust and debris as the tiles are removed for a clean, healthy environment.

Why Pick Dustless Tile Removal?

Tiles can still be removed in the traditional way, so why go for dustless tile removal?

Well, our method helps keep your electrical equipment completely safe by preventing dust from spreading in the air. It's also much cleaner than regular tile removal, as the dust particles are trapped in our machines, so there's no way for them to potentially get into your duct system.

These dust particles are also incredibly harmful to pets, children, and anyone with conditions similar to asthma or allergies. We'll provide you with the safest, most sanitary method of tile removal that'll preserve your health and keep your surroundings intact.

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